* CLASS 1 (No waterproof)
No waterproof fabric.
* CLASS 2 (Water-reppelent)
The acrilyc fabric cover is water-repellent, but may become wet and requires drying the surface after prolonged exposure to water. However, the fabric is breathable and drying is not a hassle.
* CLASS 3 (Waterproof)
Waterproof pillows for light to moderate rain conditions. Waterproof 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic with lamination 100% PU acrilyc at backsize, water-repellent zipper and waterproof internal seams. The fabric does not allow water to pass through but is not breathable either. Suitable primarily for outdoor use including in contact with a wet body, but in heavy, continuous rain it is recommended to bring them inside.
* CLASS 4 (Waterproof)
It’s pillows for outdoor use for moderate to heavy rain. Typically, vinyl fabrics are used. These fabrics are not breathable.

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