Online pillows designer tutorial

STEP 1: Colors and size

Our pillow designer is very simple and convenient! In the main window you see your future pillow, and on the left there is an options panel.

Let’s start with choosing the size.Open the first tab “Size” and select one of the options.

Let’s move on to choosing the color of the future pillow. Choose the color you want and add piping if you like. You can also choose a piping color that may differ from the color of the pillow, creating interesting combinations!

STEP 2: Embroidery design and personalization

Now let’s start personalizing and embroidering our pillow. Depending on the motif, the pillow is embroidered with decor as well as your custom text, such as a name or phrase.

To begin, select a decor color from the appropriate tab in the options panel. You can also remove the decoration if you want to leave only the text.

Next, make the borders of the text area visible. It is important that your text must be inside this area. If you are not satisfied with this, contact us and our designer will create the required design for you manually.

Working with text is simple. Depending on the product, 2 or more lines of text are available to you. Write, for example, the name of the boat on the Title tab, select a color and a suitable font. Then click on the text in the main window. This will allow you to scale the text or move it. Set the desired size and position. Repeat with other lines of text if you need to. Please note that some options are paid.

1. If you are using the designer on a mobile device, please note that scaling text may be more difficult than on a laptop, so it is better to use a tablet or laptop when creating.
2. The text in the online designer does not convey the effects of the embroidery thread and does not create a 3D render, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t really like the look, a real pillow will be much more attractive!

STEP 3: Backside option and cart

Now we just have to select one more option and our pillow is ready! Select the back side of the pillow. Two options are available:
1. Side with fabric of the same color as the front side, but without embroidery
2. Same design as the front, same fabric color and custom text.

After selecting all the options, you can see the cost of your pillow with all the options in the top right corner. Please note that this is the cost without VAT in your country, which for convenience is already calculated in the cart. All you have to do is select the number of pieces and add your pillow to the cart!

Happy creativity!

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